Honey Crisp apple season is here:) Rejoice!

Creme Brûlée cappuccino…yum! (at Lamill Coffee Boutique)

#benihana time! (at Benihana)

Perfumed dimples!! at “The Art of Scent” exhibit

I heart rain in LA.

I love it when it rains in LA. It does NOT happen often so I welcome an overcast, cloudy sky. Today even brought thunder! It is probably the third time I have heard the sounds of thunder since moving to LA four and half years ago. Crazy.

Although not from today, here is a recent rainy sky I instagrammed over Hollywood a few weeks ago.

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A bright blazer is everything—love this Tommy Ton snap!
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love the bold color. -sg


An homage to the sugary, sticky, shirt-totally-stained-and-it’s-okay Summer mascot of many a childhood. 


We can all relate. -sg ;)

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Pastels!  -sg ;)

gorgeous tulips!

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